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Contact information:
Ellisys Corporation
Chuck Trefts, Director of Marketing
Phone: (866) 724-9185
Email: chuck.trefts@ellisys.com
Web site: www.ellisys.com

Ellisys Announces Bluetooth® Protocol Analysis Products

New product portfolio includes both hardware and software offerings

Geneva, Switzerland — July 1, 2008 — Ellisys, a leading supplier of protocol test and analysis solutions for the Universal Serial Bus (USB), Wireless USB, and the WiMedia UWB platform, today announced the release of its Bluetooth Explorer™ family of Bluetooth protocol analysis tools. These new products include the Bluetooth Explorer HCI, a hardware-based host controller interface (HCI) analyzer, the Bluetooth Explorer UWB, a hardware-based UWB PAL analyzer for next generation high speed Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth Explorer Abstract, a software-based analyzer package, each providing comprehensive support of the Bluetooth protocol stack. A no-cost software package, Bluetooth Explorer Free, is also provided.

Products provide a variety of methods to acquire Bluetooth packets
The Bluetooth Explorer HCI is based on the popular and proven Ellisys USB Explorer™ 260 platform, and includes convenient probing methods for the USB, UART, and SD transport layers, as well as the Bluetooth Explorer Abstract software package.

The Bluetooth Explorer UWB is based on the industry's leading Ellisys WiMedia Explorer™ 300 protocol analyzer, and offers over-the-air analysis of any next generation Bluetooth communication using the high speed UWB PAL.

The Bluetooth Explorer Abstract and Bluetooth Explorer Free packages provide for easy import of Bluetooth packets via logs and software sources, and a powerful application programming interface (API). Bluetooth Explorer Abstract also provides a comprehensive suite of decodes for the Bluetooth protocol stack.

“We rely on Ellisys protocol test and analysis products to support our development of short-distance wireless communications software,” said David G. Brenner, VP marketing, Stonestreet One.  “The Ellisys Bluetooth products will greatly assist the developer ecosystem and our Bluetopia® customers to ensure wireless product quality, robustness, and interoperability.”

“While Bluetooth products provide a simple end-user experience, the design and development of wireless communications products requires extensive engineering design effort,” said Chuck Trefts, Ellisys marketing director. “Critical to this effort are high-quality design, debug, and verifications tools that simplify protocol complexities and help to ensure adherence to specifications, interoperability amongst devices, and product performance goals.”

Company's Commitment to Bluetooth Development, Events, and Future
Ellisys has long been a member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), and recently provided event sponsorship at the Bluetooth UnPlugFest (UPF) held in Bangkok, Thailand from June 9-13, 2008, including running the UWB Center of Excellence and providing HCI logging and debugging stations. Ellisys supports and promotes the wireless industry's Bluetooth high speed technology efforts- a planned superimposition of the Bluetooth stack over high speed radios as part of the Bluetooth SIG's concept of Generic Alternate MAC/PHY (Generic AMP), an approach for radio substitution that allows the Bluetooth stack to dynamically select the right radio for any job. Ellisys is also a member of the WiMedia Alliance, whose mission is to promote wireless multimedia connectivity and interoperability between devices in a personal area network

“Artimi uses Ellisys protocol analyzer products extensively to support a range of development tasks,” said Stratos Chatzikyriakos, standards architect at Artimi and AMP HCI team leader and technical editor for Bluetooth high speed technology, Artimi.  “Ellisys has done a fantastic job with this introduction of Bluetooth analysis products and has also provided great support to early adopters involved in the development of Bluetooth high speed technology.”

Ellisys' Bluetooth products are available now from your local Ellisys sales professional. For information on these products, including datasheets, pricing, downloads, and sales offices, please visit the Ellisys website at www.ellisys.com. Product descriptions are provided below:

  • Ellisys Bluetooth Explorer Free (includes software probing with standard analysis software)
  • Ellisys Bluetooth Explorer Abstract (includes software probing with premium analysis software)
  • Ellisys Bluetooth Explorer HCI (includes Base Unit, USB, UART, and SD probes, with premium analysis software)
  • Ellisys Bluetooth Explorer UWB (includes Base Unit, WiMedia UWB antenna, with premium analysis software)

About Ellisys
Ellisys is a Test and Measurement company committed to the design and timely introduction of advanced protocol analysis solutions for USB, Wireless USB, WiMedia Ultra-Wideband, and Bluetooth technology. Developers have been using Ellisys' products and solutions for more than six years with great success. By providing technology developers with the right innovative tools at the right time, Ellisys enables these promising markets to grow in a secure and confident manner, helping to ensure rapid and wide acceptance of these technologies.

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World Class Protocol Test Solutions for USB, Wireless USB, WiMedia, Bluetooth technology

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