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Ellisys Announces SuperSpeed USB Protocol Analyzer

New protocol analyzer to be released in advance of USB 3.0 specification to meet needs of “super” early developers

Geneva, Switzerland — August 7, 2008 — Ellisys, a leading supplier of protocol test and analysis solutions for the Universal Serial Bus (USB), Wireless USB, the WiMedia UWB platform, and Bluetooth®, today announced plans to release its Model EX280A SuperSpeed USB Explorer™ protocol analyzer. Developers on the forefront of this interconnect technology will employ the EX280A analyzer to test and validate product designs early and pace the development of the USB 3.0 specification in real-time.  Early access to this analyzer will greatly enable these early adopters to deliver the initial wave of SuperSpeed USB products to the consumer marketplace in 2009.

New analyzer provides a comprehensive understanding of device interaction and performance
The EX280A features he popular and proven Ellisys graphical user interface, which provides users with various analyses of the bus traffic between a SuperSpeed USB host and downstream devices.  The analyzer's hardware accommodates the greatly increased SuperSpeed USB signaling rate (10x over existing USB 2.0 connections), while providing necessary backward compatibility to the USB 2.0 protocol and signaling speeds.  Bus traffic is captured by the analyzer non-intrusively and is subjected to a myriad of analysis techniques that provide the user with clear information on data throughput, device state transitions, protocol overhead, error rate, protocol behaviors and violations, timing measurements, descriptor and class decodes, and other information necessary for optimizing and debugging device operation.

“The throughput capabilities to be provided by SuperSpeed USB are just tremendous, and while the consumer's experience will involve fantastically faster data transfers, and exciting new applications for USB, developers' challenges will relate to the new underlying data bus and system architectures as well as various USB protocol changes that will make these performance improvements possible” said Mario Pasquali, Ellisys co-founder and president for products.  “The Ellisys SuperSpeed USB Explorer will be a major enabler for developers seeking to streamline development schedules and deliver robust SuperSpeed USB systems and devices to the consumer marketplace.”

“Ellisys has been a long-time leader in providing solutions for supported standards,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB 3.0 Promoter Group Chair. “We are pleased to see their early support for SuperSpeed USB, which will enable quality of service and bring product to market quickly.”

Company's Commitment to USB
Ellisys has long been a member of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the non-profit corporation founded by several major technology companies to promote USB and develop its technical specifications (www.usb.org).  Ellisys is also a contributor to the USB 3.0 specification, presently being developed by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group.  Ellisys USB analyzers, generators, and compliance products are in use at more than 2000 companies worldwide, in 42 countries.  Ellisys has delivered many innovations for USB and Wireless USB protocol analysis and test, including real-time stream-to-disk recording, automated Chapter 9 compliance testing (Device Examiner™), in-line error injection, specialized probing for Inter-Chip USB (IC_USB) systems, and several other industry firsts.

Initial deliveries of the Ellisys SuperSpeed USB Explorer protocol analyzer, model number EX280A, are planned for September 2008.  Orders are presently being accepted.  Pricing, ordering information, technical details, and configurations may be obtained from your local Ellisys sales professional or by request on the Ellisys website at www.ellisys.com.

Product Photos
A high-resolution photo can be downloaded from: www.ellisys.com/archive/usbex280.png
A screen shot of the software is available at: www.ellisys.com/archive/usbex280a_soft.gif
More information can be found at: www.ellisys.com/products/usbex280/

About Ellisys
Ellisys is a Test and Measurement company committed to the design and timely introduction of advanced protocol analysis solutions for USB, Wireless USB, WiMedia Ultra-Wideband, and Bluetooth technology.  Developers have been using Ellisys' products and solutions for more than six years with great success.  By providing technology developers with the right innovative tools at the right time, Ellisys enables these promising markets to grow in a secure and confident manner, helping to ensure rapid and wide acceptance of these technologies.

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