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Ellisys Introduces Ultra-Portable Wideband Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy Analyzer

Latest Addition to Wireless Analyzer Line-Up Targets Portability and IoT Applications

Geneva, Switzerland — January 17, 2017 — Ellisys, a leading worldwide provider of Bluetooth, Universal Serial Bus (USB), and Wi-Fi® test and analysis solutions today introduced its latest Bluetooth analysis solution, the Bluetooth Tracker™.  The pocket-sized, bus-powered Tracker is designed to support concurrent capture and analysis of Bluetooth low energy and Wi-Fi communications, as well as a variety of wired interfaces, including logic signals, host controller interface (HCI) protocols (UART and SPI), Audio I2S, and WCI-2, all visualized over the widely adopted Ellisys software suite.  The Tracker provides the convenience of single-platform Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy integration and an unequalled sub-microsecond correlation of these wireless technologies and wired interfaces.  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are each well-positioned to serve as key wireless communications transports for existing and emerging Internet of Things (IoT) applications, a market forecasted to comprise up to 50 billion objects by 2020. 

The introduction of the Bluetooth Tracker and the multitude of unique features it provides is the culmination of several years of intense R&D effort and represents a powerful and very timely intersection of inspiration and technology," said Mario Pasquali, Ellisys president and CEO. ďAs with the market-disruptive introduction of our industry-leading Bluetooth Explorer™ system a few years ago, the introduction of the Tracker gives wireless developers exciting new choices, while at the same time, it provides a diverse selection of configurations and pricing to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

As Bluetooth Technology continues to evolve, it is critical that Bluetooth developer tools such as those made by Ellisys meet the demands presented by these changes as well as supporting the testing needs of engineers working to implement the next generations of Bluetooth products," said Miles Louis Smith, Senior R&D Engineer, Test Group, Nordic Semiconductor. “We have been using Ellisys Bluetooth tools for many years and we are excited to see the Bluetooth Tracker on the market just in time for Bluetooth 5 and the coming wave of IoT developers and devices.

We are excited to hear about the new Bluetooth analyzer offering from Ellisys," said Sandeep Kamath, Software Product Manager, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, Texas Instruments (TI). “The quality of both their hardware and software, as well as their ability to continuously support the latest Bluetooth core specifications and profiles, have made Ellisys’ protocol analyzers an important tool for Texas Instruments during development and testing of our Bluetooth low energy protocol stack.

Major Features
The Bluetooth Tracker supports one-click concurrent, synchronous capture of the wired and wireless communications technologies listed below.  The Tracker is sold in several field-upgradable configurations to meet customer requirements and budgets.  The unit is eco-friendly in that it does not require an external power brick, being conveniently bus-powered at its USB port over the computer control connection. 

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 5 Specification)
  • Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, 1 Stream)
  • 2.4 GHz Raw Spectrum Energy
  • User-Supplied Logic Signals
  • Audio I2S
  • Wireless Coexistence Interface 2 (WCI-2)

For more information on features in each configuration, visit:

Concurrent, Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, and Wired Capture Capabilities
Bluetooth low energy and Wi-Fi communications are increasingly co-resident in consumer electronics, industrial controls, and a wide variety of IoT markets, such as Smart Home, medical, industrial, health & fitness, and automotive.  Growth in these markets is in large part enabled by feature enhancements defined by the Bluetooth 5 specification, announced in June of 2016 by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.  Bluetooth 5 provides for speed, range, and broadcast enhancements that are aimed squarely at IoT devices and applications.  Understanding precise timing relationships, inter-protocol exchanges, and other interactivities involving these wireless technologies as well as characterizations of time-synchronized wired traffic like HCI interfaces and GPIO signals are highly desired features and are critical for developers working in these areas.  IoT devices include embedded microcontrollers or physical sensors, and the ability to capture wired interfaces in full synchronization with wireless traffic, especially logic signals capture for GPIO and other sideband discrete signals associated with these microcontrollers and sensors will be very useful.

Coexistence Capabilities
While Bluetooth and Wi-Fi employ different transmission methods, they generally operate in a common spectral range and can interfere with each other at a physical level, leading to serious performance issues.  The integrated, time-synchronized Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy capture capabilities on the Bluetooth Tracker complement existing wireless coexistence features pioneered by Ellisys engineers, including an RF spectrum analysis feature and a multitude of real-time analytical and statistical tools that characterize wireless transmission and reception performances.   

Availability, Product Photos, and Information
The Bluetooth Tracker is available for immediate purchase with shipments 2-4 weeks from order placement.  Various configurations are provided to meet a variety of customer price and feature requirements.  These configurations are provided in a series of editions, including Basic, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.  For more information, including software downloads, please contact sales@ellisys.com or visit www.ellisys.com/btracker.

A high resolution picture of the product is available at:     

About Ellisys
Ellisys is a leading worldwide supplier of advanced protocol test solutions for Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi™, USB 2.0, SuperSpeed USB 3.1, USB Power Delivery, USB Type-C™, DisplayPort™, and Thunderbolt™ technologies.  More information is available on www.ellisys.com.

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