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Ellisys introduces the Industry's First Wireless USB Wire Adapter Decoder

Rapid development of Wireless USB Wire Adapter products made possible thanks to the USB Explorer 200 Professional Edition protocol analyzer.

Geneva, Switzerland – June 2, 2005 – Ellisys, a leading supplier of USB analysis solutions, announces today the release of the first Wireless USB Wire Adapter analyzer, following the Wireless USB 1.0 specification's official release. This analyzer helps companies involved in Wireless USB developments to meet short time to market requirements and customers' demands for high interoperability.

Wire Adapters provide a bridge between wired and wireless devices and seamless legacy support, which will help to ensure a swift proliferation of Wireless USB devices. Always on the cutting edge, Ellisys solutions enable rapid development of Wireless USB Wire Adapter products by helping to validate the various USB protocol layers with an unequalled degree of accuracy.

Ellisys analyzers support the whole range of USB classes, including Audio, Mass Storage, Communication, Human Interface Device, Still Image, Smart Card, Printer, Bluetooth® HCI, Video and now Wire Adapter. Combining unrivalled user-friendliness with many innovative functions, the USB Explorer 200 Professional Edition meets all requirements from the most demanding developers. For more information, please visit www.ellisys.com/products/usbex200/.

Price and Availability
The USB Explorer 200 Professional Edition with Wireless USB Wire Adapter decoder is available right now at the price of USD 5,999.00. Additional detailed information is available at www.ellisys.com/products/usbex200/buy.php.

About the USB-IF
The non-profit USB Implementers Forum, Inc. was formed to provide a support organization and forum for the advancement and adoption of USB technology. The USB-IF facilitates the development of high-quality compatible USB devices through its logo and compliance program and promotes the benefits of USB and the quality of products that have passed compliance testing. For more information, please visit www.usb.org.

About Ellisys
Ellisys is a Test & Measurement Company developing Protocol Analysis Solutions for the Universal Serial Bus (USB). Ellisys' products help hardware, firmware, software and test engineers to streamline the life cycle of their USB subsystems. Its product range covers the most challenging requirements, from simple and cost effective tools to high end and fully featured equipment. For more information, please visit www.ellisys.com.

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