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Ellisys expands its WiMedia-based, Wireless USB product portfolio with the new UWB Generator 320

Developers already know the benefits of Ellisys' Wireless USB protocol analyzer for verifying and validating their device's behavior. They can now supplement protocol analysis with the new Ellisys' Ultra Wideband generator to create reproducible traffic, timing and error scenarios for testing corner cases and recovery mechanisms.

Geneva, Switzerland — June 16, 2006 — Ellisys, a leading supplier of test solutions for Wireless USB, today announced the official launch of its UWB Generator 320, the industry's first byte-level frame generator. By transmitting WiMedia™ Ultrawideband (UWB) and Wireless USB frames over-the-air, the UWB Generator 320 provides developers with a powerful new test methodology to maximize the quality of protocol implementations and swiftly meet – or even surpass – their Ultrawideband R&D challenges.

The UWB Generator 320 helps verify product and component reliability by generating reproducible traffic, timing and error scenarios. Containing a specialized processor designed specifically for WiMedia and Wireless USB protocols, it produces sequences of arbitrary frames with programmable inter-frame delay, and can then wait for any kind of response frame or event. The processor's instruction set enables developers to emulate Wireless USB hosts and devices as well as various WiMedia-based devices. Integrated with Ellisys' leading Ultrawideband and Wireless USB protocol analysis software, users can reproduce previously-recorded scenarios, or modify them for testing corner cases and recovery mechanisms.

The WiMedia Alliance endorses traffic generation as a test methodology that can improve UWB product quality. Other prominent industry leaders, including Microsoft, Wisair and Staccato Communications, agree.

"The WiMedia Alliance remains committed to providing a robust selection of interoperable products for the design and development of ultra-wideband solutions," said Stephen R. Wood, president of the WiMedia Alliance and UWB technology strategist at Intel. "We believe that manufacturers need to get products right on the first shot. Products such as the Ellisys' WiMedia frames generator help make that possible," Mr. Wood continued.

"By reproducing Wireless USB hosts and devices frames sequences, the Ellisys UWB Generator 320 helps us in verifying the robustness of our Wireless USB drivers" said Fred Bhesania, Program Manager in the Windows Device Experience Group at Microsoft. "Microsoft is committed to ensure the Wireless USB support in Windows meets the needs of the marketplace. The Ellisys' products help us achieve our goal", Mr. Bhesania continued.

"By using the UWB Generator 320 in conjunction with Ellisys Wireless USB protocol analyzer, our engineers are able to reproduce frames sequences, test exceptional conditions and verify our silicon behavior with great ease", said David Meshulam, VP R&D of Wisair. "Ellisys' products are very valuable for us, and we are actively using them to accelerate the development of the UWB and Wireless USB protocol stacks of our next generation silicon", Mr. Meshulam continued.

"Ellisys' protocol test equipment for the WiMedia common radio platform and Wireless USB, serves an important ecosystem function in the design-in of Staccato's Ripcord™ single-chip, all-CMOS solutions. With Ellisys' recent product introduction of the UWB Generator 320, the industry has additional, cost-effective capabilities to accelerate product integration of Wireless USB. We are pleased to be working with Ellisys and to have them in the Team Staccato Partner Program," said Mark Bowles, Co-Founder and VP Business Development & Marketing of Staccato Communications.

Ellisys will be demonstrating the <a href="../products/uwbgen320/index.php">UWB&nbsp;Generator&nbsp;320</a> at the Wireless USB Developers Conference in San Jose, California, from June 20th to 22nd.

The Ellisys UWB Generator 320 and the Wireless USB Explorer 300 are available now to order with a lead time of two weeks. Please contact our Sales Department for pricing information.

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