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Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300
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WiMedia Explorer 300
Analyzer and Generator for WiMedia Ultrawideband, Wireless USB and Bluetooth

WiMedia Explorer 300


The WiMedia Explorer 300 is the world's first over-the-air MB-OFDM protocol test system for WiMedia Alliance's Ultrawideband common radio platform, Wireless USB protocol and Bluetooth®.

Designed to evolve with specification updates, the Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 will help you solve current and future WiMedia, Wireless USB and Bluetooth challenges. Improving your time-to-market has never been so easy!


The Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer is ideal for peripheral development, protocol stacks verification, communication optimization, and other intricate development tasks. Its high-quality UWB RF front-end records traffic exchanged over the air between devices so you can display the resulting decoded information in your choice of several convenient formats.

The Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Generator is the world's first frame generator for WiMedia Ultrawideband and Wireless USB protocols. It helps verify product and component reliability by generating reproducible traffic, timing and error scenarios.

Containing a specialized processor designed specifically for WiMedia-based and Wireless USB protocols, the WiMedia Explorer 300 Generator produces sequences of arbitrary frames with programmable inter-frame delay, and can then wait for any kind of response frame or event. The processor's instruction set enables you to emulate various WiMedia equipments. Integrated with Ellisys' leading Ultrawideband and Wireless USB protocol analysis software, you can reproduce previously-recorded scenarios, or modify them for testing corner cases and recovery mechanisms.

Based on the same proven hardware as the Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer, the WiMedia Explorer 300 Generator provides a powerful new test methodology to maximize the quality of your protocol implementation and surpass your Ultrawideband R&D challenges.

The Generator also includes the Ellisys WiMedia Precompliance Test Solution, which automatically executes a comprehensive set of test scripts that implements the entire suite of test scenarios defined in the new WiMedia Platform Test Specification version 1.2. The test solution interacts with a device under test, captures all traffic exchanged with the device to a file, analyzes the traffic to verify compliance behavior, and generates a compliance report. Any detected issues can then be easily debugged using the capture file and the included WiMedia protocol analysis software. More »

The Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Duo is a flexible bundle of two full-featured units that can be used as one analyzer and one generator, two analyzers or two generators depending on your testing requirements. More convenient than having both functions on the same unit, this allows you to better share your test equipment among your R&D team.

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Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer

Analyzer Applications
  • Capture UWB traffic over the air to assist development of Wireless USB devices
  • Verify wireless encryption and 4-way handshake session key exchange
  • Monitor wireless communication reliability and efficiency

Analyzer Features

  • Displays UWB and Wireless USB protocols in an easy-to-use hierarchical view
  • Extensive protocol verification helps debug interoperability issues
  • Displays traffic in real time with no need to set up complex triggers


Ellisys WiMedia analysis and display software provides instantaneous user's understanding about the protocol. The real time display enables capturing, filtering and decoding the data live, thus simplifying the debugging.

Discover all the powerful functionalities of the Wireless USB analyzer software Click the image to expand it

Typical Analysis Setup

The figure below shows the simple setup used with the WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer to easily analyze the behavior of a WiMedia network. The analyzer is placed between wireless devices and records all traffic exchanged over the air. Analyzed data is then transmitted in real time for display on the Analysis Computer. This is the preferred method of assessing a device's wireless behavior.

The Wireless USB analyzer records the Ultrawideband traffic over the air

Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Generator

Generator Applications

  • Emulate most WiMedia equipment, including Wireless USB hosts and devices
  • Test error recovery mechanisms by generating frames with incorrect content or timing
  • Functional validation and stress testing of protocol stacks

Generator Features

  • Generates arbitrary frames with full control of the frame raw data down to the PHY layer
  • Generates sequences of frames with programmable inter-frame delay
  • Uses exported scripts from protocol analysis software to play back error scenarios

Wireless USB Host Emulation
The figure below shows a typical setup for emulating a Wireless USB host. A generator script is exported from a trace previously recorded by the Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer and can be modified to include errors. You can also create a script from scratch for total control. The data generator will execute the specified scenario, and the Device Under Test will react as if the original host was transmitting the data. This setup is very useful for testing corner cases and error recovery behavior of the Device Under Test.

Host Emulator Setup

Wireless USB Device Emulation
The figure below shows a typical setup for emulating a Wireless USB device. A Wireless USB device transmits frames at a precise time defined by the host, and provides the requested data. Ellisys' WiMedia specialized processor contains specific instructions to wait for Device Transmit and Device Notification Time Slots. The generator executes the script, and the Host Under Test receives data as if a real device was answering its requests. This setup is useful for testing protocol stacks and helping in host driver development.

Device Emulator Setup


Ellisys Ultrawideband Script Edition Software helps you create, edit and debug scripts in a convenient manner. Traces previously recorded by an Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer can be exported to a script and played back by the generator. You will then be able to quickly understand and fix the issue.

Discover all the powerful functionalities of the WiMedia-based frame generation software
Click the image to expand it

Market leadership

Ellisys is committed to the design and marketing of leading protocol test solutions for USB, Wireless USB and Ultrawideband. Devoted to these technologies, Ellisys is known to push markets toward success with innovative products and solutions. By providing early adopters with the right tool at the right time, Ellisys helps ensure a rapid and wide acceptance of new interface technology.

“Any time we do interoperability testing, the Ellisys serves as our independent broker to provide an unbiased view of what's going over the air. The Ellisys box helps us go a lot faster in analyzing any problems; the process typically goes about twice as fast with the Ellisys as with other products.” — David Nix, Director of Software, Alereon (Full story)

“The Ellisys test equipment has paid for itself 10 times over. It's robust and extremely useful, and we really haven't had any issues with it.” — David Hibberd, Senior Test Engineer, Artimi (Full story)

“The Ellisys equipment was essential for us to get where we are. Every aspect of working with Ellisys has been excellent.” — Venkatesh Rajendran, Director MAC & Protocol Development, Realtek (Full story)

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Sept. 21, 2009

Ellisys WEX300 Analyzer/Generator and Associated Tester and Checker Compliance Suites Selected as Official Tools for WiMedia Certification. Press release »


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April 27, 2007

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Dec. 18, 2006

Ellisys test equipment used to assist with WiMedia Common Radio Platform Certification. Press release »


June 21, 2006

Ellisys brings a new testing dimension to Wireless USB timing optimization. Press release »


June 16, 2006

Ellisys expands its WiMedia product portfolio with the new UWB Generator 320. Press release »


Sept. 28, 2005

Ellisys demonstrates the Wireless USB Explorer 300 at the Wireless USB Developers' Conference in Tokyo. Press release »


Sept. 7, 2005

Ellisys unveils industry's first Wireless USB and Ultrawideband protocol analyzer over the air. Press release »

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