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USB Explorer 200 (USB 2.0)
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USB Explorer 200 - Feature Tour

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The USB Explorer 200 is a USB 2.0 protocol analyser enabling you to display the packets sent, decode the descriptors, detect errors in peripherals or drivers and measure their performance.

It is the ideal companion for anyone developing USB peripherals and hosts, embedded software or drivers. Its analysis and display software is so easy to use so that you can quickly learn all about USB. Its small size will enable you to always take it with you.

Connect the USB Explorer on a USB 2.0 link to instantly view traffic. When capturing the packets, the real-time statistical display permits you to check the bus status, even before you look at the packets that have been read. These are displayed in a chronological list together with the peripheral's address and the endpoint number. A second window provides details on the selected item.

To make it easier to identify the packets you are interested in the software provides filtering and packet color coding functions. It also gives the user the choice of several levels of detail, and the information taken from the traffic contains references to the USB specification.

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