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Ellisys USB Device Examiner - Version history

What's new in version 2.8.4198 (2011-06-30)

  • Fixed an issue in Chapter 9 Tests that may consider as errors stalled SetInterface requests sent at non-Configured states
  • Fixed an issue in Mass Storage Tests that may not correctly handle some STALL conditions
  • Changed Stop Unit command in Mass Storage Optional Commands Test to Start Unit command, to prevent spinning mediums for quickly stop and restart
  • Fixed an issue in Mass Storage Cases Tests that makes wrong endpoints to be checked halted and cleared
  • Changed serial number characters check in Mass Storage Serial Number Test to output one summary line in test report instead of one line per character

What's new in version 2.8.4007 (2010-12-21)

  • Fixed a bug in Suspend/Resume Test that may incorrectly report a failed resume
  • Fixed a bug that may cause software to crash at startup if none of the connected units can be used with Examiner
  • Fixed minors bugs in Mass Storage Cases Tests that may cause wrong transfers sequences and test results in some cases
  • Improved Mass Storage Error Recovery Tests algorithm to reduce execution time and trace size
  • Added optional user-editable fields that are written in the final report for better information about the test being run
  • A report is now automatically saved for each test, even if no analyzer is used
  • Trace directory field has been renamed to Report directory
  • Fixed a bug that prevents Report directory to be kept from one execution of the software to another
  • Fixed a wrong text in Chapter 9 Device Qualifier Descriptor Test.
  • Fixed a check in Chapter 11 Suspend And Ignore Connect/Disconnect that wrongly reports host port suspended state
  • Changed report filename to include test name
  • Removed the leading zero of the day in Date and time field of report
  • Fixed an issue with Chapter 9 Remote Wakeup Test which may not resume device after a Remote Wakeup event
  • Report fixed filename part changed from "Report" to "USB2 Compliance Report"
  • Traces directory fixed name part changed from "USB Compliance" to "USB2 Compliance"

What's new in version 2.8.3741 (2010-03-30)

  • Configuration selector in USB Test Settings tab now appears only if device has several configurations.
  • Removed a wrong check for vendor-specific interfaces in Chapter 9 Interface Descriptor Test.
  • Changed date format in report to a unique english format not localized.
  • Removed SetConfiguration in some Chapter 9 Tests which cause the device to change to Configured State when we are testing another state.
  • Fixed a bug in Mass Storage Case Tests that did not execute the test and report it as successful if device do not correctly answer Read Capacity.
  • Fixed a bug in Mass Storage Test that can cause a successful ClearEndpointFeature to be reported as failed.
  • Improved error messages in Mass Storage bCBLength Test.
  • Changed default traces directory to a subdirectory of My Documents.
  • Fixed a bug in Chapter 9 Configuration Descriptor Test that does not correctly accept Interface Association descriptors.
  • The Run button now correctly switch from Run Failures to Run Selected when the test selection checkboxes change.
  • Fixed a bug that checks the status of the wrong endpoint during the Error Recovery Test of Mass Storage Class Tests.

What's new in version 2.8.3596 (2009-11-05)

  • Fixed an issue with the endpoint descriptor test

What's new in version 2.8.3561 (2009-10-01)

  • Maintenance release fixing minor issues

What's new in version 2.8.3360? (2009-03-23)

  • Fixed a speed detection issue
  • Fixed a timing issue

What's new in version 2.8.3330? (2009-02-12)

  • Improved behavior when a device does not answer a GetDeviceQualifier request
  • Several minor bug fixes

What's new in version 1.0.3132? (2008-07-29)

  • Improved automatic device speed detection
  • Fixed a recording bug that cause saving incomplete traces in some cases
  • Shortened traces filenames
  • Fixed a bug which cause Mass Storage command transport checks of Error Recovery Test to always fail
  • Improved Mass Storage Initialization sequence
    Fixed an incorrect LangID in some GetDescriptor(String) requests
  • Fixed an incorrect value in a reserved field of the MSC CBW Read Capacity
  • Performance Tests error handling enhanced, which prevents returning irrelevant results instead of an error
  • In Configuration Descriptor Test, Get Status request is no longer tested if the test is runned in Default State
  • Interface Descriptor Test and Endpoint Descriptor Test are no longer runned in Default State

What's new in version 1.0.3048? (2008-05-06)

  • Fixed an issue with corrupt traces recording in some conditions

What's new in version 1.0.3041? (2008-04-29)

  • First public release
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