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WiMedia MB-OFDM Ultrawideband

The WiMedia Alliance is an industry alliance dedicated to creating a pervasive wireless multimedia networking solution for PC, CE and mobile devices based on Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. The Alliance promotes WPAN connectivity and interoperability for multiple industry-based protocols such as Wireless USB, Wireless 1394 and other wireless multimedia applications (i.e. TCP/IP). The Alliance develops and adopts open standards-based specifications for connecting wireless multimedia devices including, but not limited to, application, transport and control profiles and test suites. Additionally, WiMedia Alliance's certification and interoperability program will accelerate wide-spread consumer adoption of "wire-free" imaging and multimedia solutions.


The primary goals of the WiMedia Alliance are to enable coexistence of multi-protocol applications (UWB, USB and TCP/IP among others) and to enable true multi-vendor interoperability by establishing procedures for ensuring devices from different manufacturers coexist within the common UWB radio platform. The WiMedia brand will indicate that the associated device has passed a series of tests that verify it is WiMedia-compliant and interoperable with other WiMedia devices.


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