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Wireless USB

Wireless USB

With more than 2 billion legacy wired USB connections in the world today, USB is the most successful interface in the personal computing industry. Soon, these same fast, interoperable connections will become available in the wireless world, with the introduction of Wireless USB from the USB Implementers Forum. This new wireless extension of USB ensure consumers have an easy, secure way to connect their home, office and mobile devices without a cable - without sacrificing speed.


The Wireless USB application is based on WiMedia's Ultrawideband common radio platform, enabling PCs, peripherals, consumer electronics and mobile devices to connect using a common interface at up to 480 Mbps at 3 meters. This technology was created by the Wireless USB Promoter Group – Agere Systems, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Microsoft, NEC Electronics, Philips, and Samsung - aided by over 100 contributing companies. The group is focused on ensuring backward compatibility, interoperability, security, and maintaining the guiding principles of ease-of-use and low-cost.


Wireless USB delivers speeds of 480 Mbps at 3 meters (10 feet), and 110 Mbps at 10 meters (33 feet). At close range, that's the same rate as Hi-Speed USB.

Power Management
Like all USB connections, Wireless USB is designed to conserve power. Sleep, Listen, Wake and Conserve modes enable users to use power only when the connection is needed.

Wireless USB provides optimum data security through built-in protocols and authentication procedures, as well an encryption process during transmission.

Ease of Use
Like traditional USB, Wireless USB is simple to install and set up, with the additional ease that comes with a cable-free environment.

Backward Compatibility
Wireless USB is backward compatible to wired USB devices.

A Diverse Range of Product Categories

As Wireless USB begins to make inroads into the market segment for wired USB, manufacturers could ship hundreds of millions of units within a few years. Eventually, every PC, camera, printer, camcorder, hard drives, flat panel television, set top boxes, gaming machines, mobile phone and PDA will have a Wireless USB connection.

New challenges for developers

As most cutting-edge technologies, Wireless USB implies facing challenges that have never been seen before. Ellisys has developed state of the art protocol analysis solutions to help developers in their intricate tasks of producing better devices more efficiently.

The Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer is the world's first over-the-air MB-OFDM protocol analyzer for WiMedia Alliance's Ultrawideband common radio platform and Wireless USB protocol. Its high-quality Ultrawideband RF front-end records traffic exchanged over the air between devices so you can display the resulting decoded information in your choice of several convenient formats.

Ellisys released an article demystifying this new protocol by comparing it to wired USB. This article helps USB developers willing to jump to this new cutting edge technology by explaining its basic concepts.

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