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USB Type-C


With the continued success of the USB interface, there exists a need to adapt USB technology to serve newer computing platforms and devices as they trend toward smaller, thinner and lighter form-factors. Many of these newer platforms and devices are reaching a point where existing USB receptacles and plugs are inhibiting innovation, especially given the relatively large size and internal volume constraints of the Standard-A and Standard-B versions of USB connectors. Additionally, as platform usage models have evolved, usability and robustness requirements have advanced and the existing set of USB connectors were not originally designed for some of these newer requirements. This specification is to establish a new USB connector ecosystem that addresses the evolving needs of platforms and devices while retaining all of the functional benefits of USB that form the basis for this most popular of computing device interconnects.

New challenges for developers

USB Type-C makes USB truly universal by enabling the use of other technologies such as DisplayPort, MHL, ThunderBolt and an infinity of others on the same connector. This fantastic flexibility opens though a whole word of new challenges.

To enable adopters of this cutting-edge technology, Ellisys creates the most technologically advanced protocol test systems including protocol analysis, traffic generator and compliance verification. The Ellisys USB Explorer 350 is latest and greatest protocol test system for USB Type-C and related technologies. Learn more »


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Ellisys USB Explorer 350 Analyzer, Generator and Compliance Tester
Ellisys Type-C Analyzer for Type-C, PD, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, HDMI, and more

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